Matthew Stone is Chairman of Renovare Fuels, an innovative clean technology company within the waste-to-energy sector.

Matthew Stone

About Renovare Fuels Limited

Renovare Fuels is working on a sustainable liquid fuel replacement for Jet A1 and diesel fuel through the conversion of biogas generated by waste.

About Matthew Stone

A major investor in clean technology, Matthew Stone works with a wide-ranging investor network, including family offices, high profile private investors, sovereign wealth funds and major corporations.
Matthew Stone is the major shareholder and founder of a number of successful businesses specialising in various forms of clean technology.

Matthew Stone leads pioneering biofuel manufacturer Renovare Fuels

Chairman Matthew Stone has been consulting, advising and specialising in energy, biomass processing and clean tech for more than 12 years. During this time he has developed an international reputation for transforming clean tech start-ups into successful commercial entities. Waste to energy is a major area of interest, along with biochemistry and nanotechnology.
Renovare Fuels turns biogas into liquid fuel using patented technology using a process that could displace billions of litres of fossil fuels every year. The process converts biogas emitted from waste material into a high-grade liquid fuel to power everything from cars to planes. The technology developed by Renovare Fuels was created by a team working with the US Department of Energy and NASA.